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Junk Haul Away And Disposal

Low Cost Junk Haul Away

We will come to your home and haul away your unwanted junk.


We can pick up your junk and properly dispose of it cheaper than you can do it yourself.

Curbside and Full Service Junk Removal

Curbside Junk Removal

Your Junk Must Be:

  • In The Gerage

  • On The Driveway

  • Other Drive Up Location

Full Service Junk Removal

Your Junk May Be:

  • 1st or 2nd Floor

  • Higher Floor w/ Elevator

  • The Back Yard

On-Line Payments

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

We accept cash, checks and online payments.

Junk Removal Price List

Load Size

Cubic Yards

Curbside Service

Full Services

1/3 Truck Load Of Junk

1/2 Truck Load Of Junk

2/3 Truck Load Of Junk

Full Truck Load Of Junk

About 7

About 10

About 14

About 20

$ 99

$ 198

$ 297

$ 148

$ 148

$ 222

$ 297

$ 445

Junk Removal FAQ

Most junk removal jobs are priced by the load. See our TRUCK LOAD PRICE LISTinformation page for details.

What Kind Of Junk Do You Accept?

We accept and pick up all kinds of junk including:

  • Garage Junk

  • Junk Furniture

  • Junk Appliances

  • Yard junk

  • Moving Trash

  • Household Item

  • Garbage

  • Office Junk

  • Junk Electronic

Do I Have To Be Present For My Junk Pick Up?

No, if you leave your Junk where we can get to it, you can make payment arraigments and we’ll pick it up.

Do I Have To Be Present For My Junk Pick Up?

It depends on:

  • The Type Of Junk

  • It’s Condition

Some Junk can be recycled for the materials such as plastic, paper and metal.

Junk that is of no value or cannot be reused is properly disposed of in a landfill or transfer station.

Currently we are reusing and recycling about 45% of the Junk we haul away.

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