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About Emergency Hauling


Emergency Hauling & Junk Removal Service is a company that helps businesses and residents get rid of unwanted junk and trash.

We don’t simply haul junk to the landfill, we responsibly recycle, repurpose and reuse most of the junk we haul away.

Support Local Business

We are a locally owned small business, that's why we can respond with immediate attention.


When you do business with us, you're not only helping your local small business, but you're helping to keep small businesses thriving in the local area.

How Much Does Hauling & Junk Removal Cost

Grocery stores and clothing stores puts price tags on their merchandise.


Why don't Hauling & Junk removalses tell you up front what they charge

for junk haul aways?


Emergency Hauling


Is the only Hauling & Junk removal service in the Tri- State that list set prices online, we want your Trust from the beginning.

Our Specialties Include:


  • Mattress Removal & Recycling

  • Junk Removal

  • Trash Haul Away

  • Appliance Pick Up & Recycling

  • Furniture Disposal

  • E-waste Pick Up & Recycling

  • Scrap Metal Haul Away

Price List

No surprises! See what we charge for the most common hauling & junk removal request


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